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Park City, Utah, USA downtown in autumn

About Our Firm

We invest in founder-built companies with durable value propositions, strong leadership teams, and ambition for continued growth. Our investment philosophy is focused on generating long-term, sustainable success, not short-term scale. We understand that People and Culture are the keys to any business's success and so take seriously the responsibility to continue the legacy built by founders and their teams.

We invest with no near-term intention to sell. Rather, we believe sound business strategy, patient capital, and a long-term view compound to build better, more valuable businesses that will consistently generate greater value for all stakeholders over decades, not years.

Our team comes from some of the world's leading private equity firms with experience investing hundreds of millions of dollars in various platform companies. With a singular focus on partnering with extraordinary founder-led businesses, our flexible investment structure allows us to pursue the best investment opportunities while ensuring the exit goals of founders and the capital needs of our partner companies are fulfilled.

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